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The Catchweight module makes the sales orders simple and easy to handle. The approximate weight mechanism helps to generate sales Orders based Catchweight or Cost price and it gives more flexibility to the sales process.



Similar to sales the purchase process also become simplified with the power of full ERP and addon for catchweight option. So in the case of industries like Food, Poultry etc this system will helps to purchase resources in varying weight /size and manage all types of measurements in the single ERP.



As things can be weighed in multiple measurements no headache for the accounting systems to keep separate measuring mechanisms for different products. All under one application and it handles it smoothly. Gives more flexibility and options for the team to keep everything under control and generate more accurate reports.



Catchweight management entails a dual quantity inventory tracking system allowing for the data storage of an exact and average weight. This will make it a more simplified method of keeping track of the inventory.



From procurement of items to packaging the power of Odoo ERP and Catchweight measuring system will give more flexible options to the entire manufacturing system



The barcode module helps to generate barcodes easily and use the Catchweight mechanism to give accurate weight measurements.


Sales Coupon & Promotions

Odoo provides a very sophisticated method for generating sales coupons / promotions to generate limited discounts for the customers. This will give a boost to the sales.


Indian Accounting

In the Indian market where the end user is always looking for best offers and discounts the odoo ERP along with Catchweight mechanism can help the companies to set the best price with great results.


Point Of Sale

The Catchweight POS module helps you to manage Odoo with dual units of measure. That means we can manage our Point of Sale with a Catchweight quantity and its corresponding Catchweight unit of measure.

Why Catchw8 in Odoo?

Catchw8 in Odoo, the most valuable software solution can successfully accomplish a dynamic range of business functions efficiently.One of the best highlights of using odoo is that the users get their hands on a lot of customization options.

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