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Quick good inc is an enterprise located at 9 Capt, Sixto Cuevas Ave, St, Pasig, 1200, Philippines. It is one of the most reputable and excellent distributors of San Miguel food.
Are you heard about San Miguel foods???
San Miguel food is the largest & leading food and beverage company in the Philippians. The food division of san Miguel provides an exhaustive variety of good quality products. And it has become a market leader in its businesses in the Philippines with a comprehensive profile of products that include beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, poultry, animal feeds, flour, fresh and processed meats, dairy products, coffee, various packaging products, and a full range of advanced petroleum products, most of which are leaders in their respective markets. The most popular lateco trading is a distributor of San Miguel Foods products and the parent company of quick good inc. Technaureus, the official odoo partner implemented a successful and cost-effective Catchweight ERP for quick good inc distributors. Catchweight is an outstanding ERP, mandatory in the different business emerging industries such as the meat industry, poultry industry, fish industry, paper industry, textile industry, dairy industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, jewelry industry, steel industry, manufacturing industry, agriculture industry, vegetable, and fruits industry and many more. One of the main benefits of Catchweight solutions is that it helps to improve the inventory management of a business. And by using this, through automation and integration, the system improves your industry productivity while reducing time & labor costs.In the beginning, we were sure that implementing this all-in-one web-based ERP "Catchweight to Quick good inc distributors will help to manage all the aspects of their business. And after the implementation, it was very successful and they get lots of benefits by choosing this ERP. We are truly very happy to be able to properly implement this Catchweight product for our customer "Quick good inc ".Typically, each industry will have its specific reasons to implement an ERP solution.